Established in UAE since 1978, Ahmed Kalash & Sons Int’L Trdg Co is a family run, leading group company that specializes in local men’s garment business since year 1961

We take great pride in owning renowned brands such as Monte Bianco, Oscar, Dallah, Jacquard, AlSami in UAE and GCC countries.

Our group run several retail outlet showrooms which are best in this business across UAE. Our locations are widespread in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, and Al Ain.

Kalash Group:

Kalash Group was founded in the year 1961 in order to design and produce Arabic men garments and accessories such as luxurious hand made Bisht, Swiss made Gotra, English Yashmag, hand made Akal, Italian made Sandals and custom made Kandoora.

Kalash Group achievement is being a proud owner of two biggest factories who specialize in producing arabic men’s local garment which supply to %70 retail shops in GCC Countries.

Kalash Group has several high-end boutiques in all of the United Arab Emirates, wholesale shops, and distribution points in all GCC Countries.

We have gained reputation in the market as a mid-high Arabic men fashion retailers.

We pay attention to detail on the quality of our products. We continue to devote our best efforts to provide excellent service and surpass the expectation of our customers by providing a unique experience.

Our team of professional salesmen possess years of expertise. What differentiates us from our competitors is that we hire only Arabic experienced and well trained salesmen.

Factories and Wholesale Branches

Factories:Wholesale Branches:
► Sharjah Industrial Area No.► Dubai, UAE
► Madina Industrial Zone , Madina K.S.A► Riyadh, KSA
► Aleppo Industrial Zone, Aleppo Syria► Jeddah, KSA
► Kuwait, Kuwait

Retail Outlet Showrooms:

Abu DhabiSharjah
1. YAS Mall (2016)1. Corniche Al Buhaira showroom
Dubai2. Corniche Al Buhaira showroom # 2
1. Dubai mallAl Ain
2. Al Mamzar Showroom1. Al Ain Mall showroom
2. Al Ain Mall showroom #2


► The only factory that manufactures the luxurious BISHT (handmade) in U.A.E.

► The only shops that sells custom made Bisht in U.A.E.

► The only shops that do after sale service – free polish and cleaning.

► German gold and silver threads.

► Made in England using Japanese fabrics.

► Variety of colors and designs.

Yashmag and Gotra

► Finest cotton yarn counts.

► Best cotton yarn.

► Swiss made Gotra.

► English made Yashmag.

► Guaranteed high quality.

► Latest designs and best weaving machines.


► 100% Genuine Leather.

► Italian made.

► Handcrafted.

► Comfort & Durable sandals.

► Famous designers.